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Accessories for OIL TESTING
Accessories for OIL TESTING 첫번째 상세이미지 썸네일
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Accessories for OIL TESTING
제품명 Accessories for OIL TESTING
제조사 Eltel Industries
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Accessories for OIL TESTING
The Eltel Oil Test Cell is specifically designed to test electrical insulating material in liquid form using a Capacitance andDissipation factor (Tan Delta)bridge.
The Cell is suitable for use with Eltel Models CTS-12K, CTS-12KSA, ACTS-12K test setsor any comparable bridge from different manufacturers.
The circular electrodes are constructed from rigid stainless steeland require a sample of 1.2 litre in volume.
Electrical connection to the Test Cell is accomplished through commonly foundconnectors, allowing different types of measuring bridges or instruments to be used.

Accessories for OIL TESTING
Cell Type Three-terminal, guarded.
Cell Gap Spacing 11mm, nominal.
Sample Volume 1.2 litre (min) to 2 litre(max).
Cell Capacitance 65pF, nominal.
Maximum Test Volta 12kV AC.
Voltage Operating Range 2.5 to 12kV for a stress of 200 to 1100 V/mm.
Connectors 4mm Banana Sockets for H, L &Guard connectors
Dimensions 220mm x 220mmx250mm (LxBxH)
Weight Approx. 6kg.