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Beach Probe
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Beach Probe
제품명 Beach Probe
제조사 Tinsley Precision Instruments
Beach Probe
The Electroding Probe is a high gain low frequency selective Receiver/Amplifier to detect the electromagnetic field from asubmarine cable energised by the Tinsley 5915 Electroding generator or similar.The Beach Probe and Divers Probe areinductive probes suitable for receiving 15to 30Hz signals emanating from a suitably energised submarine cable.

Beach Probe
Sensitivity Suitable for detecing the electromagnetic field from a submarine
cable carrying 20mA current at a distance of 10 meters from the cable.
Frequency Range Suitable for 15 to 30 Hz (16.7 or 25Hz recommended)
ON/OFF Switch In handle to conserve battery power on 5918
Size 110cm long handle 40cm long probe.
Weight 6kg