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Electroding Generator
Electroding Generator 첫번째 상세이미지 썸네일
Electroding Generator
제품명 Electroding Generator
제조사 Tinsley Precision Instruments
Electroding Generator
The unit has been developed with British Telecom to locate Submarine Telephone Cables. The method employed is the wellestablished electroding technique. The unit is self-contained, desk top mounting, enabling tests to be carried out withoutthe power feed connected to the cable under test.

Beach Probe
Output Continuously adjustable current regulated d.c. - sine wave modulated.
Cuttent Range Minium 75mA modulated at ±25mA (50mA - 100mA pk-pk).Maximum
275mA modulated at ±225mA (50mA - 500mA pk-pk).
Current Control Continuously adjustable by 10-turn potentiometer.
Mains Switching Key operated. The key is removable only in the off position.
Voltage 500V peak max.
Polarity Output polatiry is selected by means of a 3 position key switch
(positive, Off Negative). The Key is removable in any position.
Monitoring Both current and voltage are continuously monitored
by individual front panel meters of accuracy 3% F.S.D.