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Electroding Detector
Electroding Detector 첫번째 상세이미지 썸네일
Electroding Detector
제품명 Electroding Detector
제조사 Tinsley Precision Instruments
Electroding Detector
The unit is the ideal equipment for use on board ship when the electroding method is being employed for the detection ofsubmarine cables buried or laid on the sea bed.This light weight and portable instrument can be mains powered or canoperate for several hours from its own internal, rechargeable battery pack. Ideally suited for use with the Tinsley ElectrodingGenerators, the unit will alsooperate with any generator operating in the frequency range 4 to 40Hz.

Electroding Detector
Frequency 4Hz to 40Hz in icrements of 0.1Hz thumbwheel selection. Built-in test oscilator.
Detector Bandwidth 0.5Hz
Sensitivity 1uV RMS for full scale deflection.
Input Impedance Balanced low impedance inputs via 4mm terminals.
Auxiliary Input Socket for external probes.
  Built-in rechargeable batteries having life of over 5 hours of continuos use.
Power External batteries, +12V and-12V
  Mains supply, single phase, 230V or 115V AC
Display Analogue meter with battery and signal test.
Event Timing Front panel Digital Elapsed Timer and Clock
Recorder Optional chart recorder.
Event Marker Event marker button is incorporated on the front panel for marking the recording
chart and relay closure for external Event signal.
Depth Range Typically 180 metres (100 fathoms) but depths of up to 300 metres could be possible.
However, this is limited by external factors:-e. g. :- Signal to noise ratio and attenuation
of cable and the lateral distance at which the ship is operating away from the cable.
Size Portable self-contained splash proof IP65 case 470 by 360 by 175 mm.
Weight Approximately 15 Kg.