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국제규격, 임펄스 시험

과전압 테스트 시스템
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국제규격, 임펄스 시험
과전압 테스트 시스템
제품명 Dielectric Withstand (Hipot) VDC Tester
제조사 Compliance West
Dielectric Withstand (Hipot) VDC Tester
- 25KV까지의 전압시험
- 8채널 자동 측정
- 멀티채널 측정 가능
- 케이블 하네스, PCB, 코넥타, 트랜스포머에 응용

- DC Output to 2800 volts; delivers up to 5 milliamps.
- Logic controlled, one button test. LEDOs indicate test progress. Upon failure, buzzer sounds and testing is terminated.
- Output voltage, leakage current limit, voltage ramp-up time and test duration are controlled from the rear panel.
- Ground continuity test is defeatable for testing of two wire products.
- Nema 5-15R receptacle provided on front panel for high voltage output.
- Automatic voltage rampdown circuit eliminates residual voltage.
- Operation instructions provided on the rear panel.
- Performs to UL, CE, IEC, CSA, TUV safety agency requirements for production line testing.
- Ergonomically designed for safety, speed and efficiency.
- Calibration resistor mounted on rear panel.
- One year calibration cycle.
- Economical, durable and compact.
- Test leads included.
- TEST-LINK Compatible